HoloLens solution for Meyer Turku

Tallink Megastar with HoloLens Hanna-Kaisa Jauhola | 2017/02/10

Softability designed a HoloLens application for Meyer Turku Oy. The solution enables the user to view the new Tallink Megastar ship virtually in the so-called mixed reality mode that blends the real environment and the digital world.

Softability implemented a HoloLens solution for Meyer Turku

Softability designed a HoloLens application for Meyer Turku Oy. The solution enables the user to view the new Tallink Megastar ship virtually in the so-called mixed reality mode that blends the real environment and the digital world. Softability implemented the solution with Microsoft HoloLens technology, and it was made for Meyer Turku for marketing purposes to visualize the Megastar ship in a new way.

A new way to experience the ship

With the Microsoft HoloLens device and application it is possible to explore an exterior 3D tour of Megastar. The HoloLens solution combines reality and virtual reality and showcases the Megastar ship by bringing it as a hologram into the real world. You can simultaneously interact with the ship and the people around you.

The HoloLens solution enables you to visualize and view the ship from different angles and distance. You can stand in a place and zoom in/out or rotate the ship by using hand gestures. HoloLens device understands the specific hand movements, voice commands and even your sight. HoloLens also allows you to lock the ship to a certain place allowing you to move freely and to walk around the ship and view it from different sides. All this looks really real – as if Megastar would be in the same space with you.

Beyond your imagination

Imagine that with HoloLens you can bring Megastar or any other vehicle, device, building or character anywhere and view it in your real environment. Actually, any 3D model can be visualized even before the construction or manufacturing has started. With Microsoft HoloLens it is possible to view the ideas and bring them to life.

In addition to support sales and marketing with HoloLens solutions, mixed reality solutions are also ideally suited for e.g. supporting maintenance, manufacture of the ship (assembly) and training users on how to operate the ship. Microsoft HoloLens solutions and apps offer almost unlimited use cases.

For more information:

Softability Group Oy Mikko Luukkonen, Sales Manager, mikko.luukkonen(a)softability.fi, +358 50 554 3652

Softability is innovative and growing Finnish software development company. We are a value-adding partner for our customers in R&D projects. We design and implement smart and user friendly digital applications for industrial and medical device manufacturers with 15 years’ experience. Our strength is our broad knowledge ranging from embedded software development to cloud services and solutions for enhanced reality – including quality assurance.

Meyer Turku Oy is one of the leading European shipbuilding companies owned by Family Meyer. The company’s shipyard in Turku employs about 1,600 people and specializes in building cruise ships, car-passenger ferries and special vessels. The brand new Tallink Megastar was built by Meyer Turku Oy in Meyer Turku shipyard in Finland.

Megastar – under the brand Tallink Shuttle – is a brand new ship that has started operating on Tallinn-Helsinki route on the 29th of January 2017. Megastar is a 212 meters long fast ferry, which can accommodate altogether 2800 passengers.

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