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Softability Cliets

Softability has customers in many different fields, but the commonality among them is the requirement of high quality in software. Softability’s process and technology know-how is at its best in demanding customer applications where the software is under strict quality requirements relating to safety, real time functions, reliability and maintenance, among others.

We want to create long term customer relationships and develop our functions together with successful customers. It is important to Softability to be able to offer our customers services and solutions that help them to develop and be succesful in their business.

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A world leader as a provider of mineral and metal refining technologies, Outotec has developed many new technologies over several decades. The company also offers innovative solutions for the treatment of industrial waste water, the use of alternative energy and chemical industry.

Softability has been a part in modernizing the Outotec HSC Chemistry® process modelling software on the new .NET platform. The HSC software includes 23 calculation modules and 12 databases, which are used in modelling unit processes for chemistry, thermodynamics, heat transfer and mineral technology, among others. The modelling and simulation platform it offers is an invaluable tool for process research, development, planning and digitalization, among other. Read more about the HSC.

Thermo Fisher

Thermo Fisher Scientific is a leading provider of analytical devices, chemicals, reagents, supplies and services for research, product development and diagnostics.

Softability has been involved in implementing a work station application for a laboratory analyser used in laboratories for Thermo Fisher Scientific. The software offers support for the optimized used of the instrument features. A visual work flow, easy to use data limits, and built in calculation features make the software easy and efficient to use.

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