High quality software development services and user friendly digital solutions for the age of the Industrial Internet and beyond.

Softability - Services

Our background and knowhow makes us an ideal partner for implementing demanding end-to-end solutions combining sensors transmitting measurement data or other devices, scalable cloud service based processing and data visualization adjusted to different devices.

Softability Studio

Softability Studio develops augmented (mobile devices), mixed (Microsoft Hololens) and virtual reality applications (Gear VR) for the needs of the medical and industrial devices manufacturers as well as the AEC businesses.

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Softability Studio services

– Augmented reality

– Mixed Reality (Microsoft HoloLens)

– Unity Development

– Mobile development (UWP, iOS, Android)

– Vuzix, ODG and Epson Smart Glasses

– Virtual reality (Oculus Rift, Gear VR)

– UI/UX design

– Enhanced reality consultancy

– Xbox Kinect

Softability X-Reality Workshop

Turn your X-Reality ideas to business opportunities. Gain useful ideas to make your business more successful with Augmented, Mixed or Virtual Reality Solutions!

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Common use cases:

– Research and development: visualizing 3D models

– Sales and marketing: presenting products in their real size but in virtual format

– Training: simulating dangerous operating environments in virtual format

– Manufacturing: supporting assembly work.

– Operations: operating a device through a virtual UI

– Services: supporting maintenance work.


Our customer references:

– Thermo Fisher Scientific Oy: Operations, Hololens: Virtual UI for a medical device with two-way control through a Wi-Fi connection: control the device and display results. Avoiding human errors in the analysis processes.

– Perkin Elmer Wallac Oy: Sales and marketing, Hololens: presenting large analysis devices to customer in their real size but in virtual format. It’s easy to take a virtual model with you to customer meetings and exhibitions.

– MTech Digital Solutions Oy: Sales and marketing, Hololens: presenting future technologies of farming and stock raising at exhibitions.

– Skanska Oyj: Sales and marketing, Hololens: supporting residential building sales, show available and sold apartments, inspect individual floors and apartments, connection to CRM systems.

– Finnish international industrial device manufacturer: Maintenance, HoloLens, Vuzix and ODG: Support maintenance of devices indoors with Hololens device and Vuzix and ODG smart glasses, textual, picture and video instructions, speech regonition, hands free.

– Meyer Turku Oy: Sales and marketing, Hololens. Tallink Megastar ship exterior model.

– Patria Land: Sales and marketing, Hololens. Support for customer inspection of device and its subsystems.

Software development services

We design and implement intelligent software for the needs of industry and life sciences, among others.

We can implement both integrated software for hardware as well as cloud service solutions with user interfaces for different types of devices. Software development in Microsoft .NET and for embedded systems (C/C++) is our specialty.

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Microsoft .NET Software Development

We are certified Microsoft Gold Partner in application development. We help you in all phases of software development from early idea prototyping all the way to maintenance.

We use agile methods and you always have full visibility in to all phases of the project. You see in real-time what the team is working on right now and the application’s most recent version is always ready to be tested. We use our own test experts and automation for quality assurance.

Embedded Systems Development (C/C++)

We implement embedded systems customer projects in their entire scale from small micro controllers to embedded Linux devices with C and C++ programming languages.

Testing services

High quality demands and thorough knowhow in software development processes are things we hold absolutely vital. The starting point of our services is guaranteeing high quality and low costs throughout the life cycle of the software.

We offer our customers versatile testing services on a need basis. We always analyze the needs for testing with the customers when finding the best testing process for a particular situation.

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Manual testing

Sometimes the most cost effective way of doing testing is to do it the old fashioned way: manually without any automation. This is especially the case when the expected number of testing rounds is moderate. Even in manual testing the process can be done either using a repeating testing plan or in an explorative way – depending on the customer needs.

Test Automation

Test Automation has an important role in the quality management of both device software as well as server and work station applications. The correct solutions can achieve significant savings in testing while improving the quality of the end product at the same time.

Project models

We offer flexible use of top notch experts to offer help in the different phases of product development.

In the Project Responsibility -model the customer can outsource the development work on their product as a whole or in part to Softability.

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We offer flexible use of top notch experts to offer help in the different phases of product development. Softability consultants are among the best in their fields and have knowhow in the latest technologies and the special features of industrial product development.

Responsibility projects

In the Project Responsibility -model the customer can outsource the development work on their product as a whole or in part to Softability. We plan and budget the work together with the customer and afterwards take full responsibility for finishing the project successfully. We use modern software development models that give our customers transparency as the project progresses.