Softability Studio – Augmented Reality & Mixed Reality Solutions

Softability Studio brings your X-Reality ideas to life!

Softability is the leading provider of X-Reality solutions in Finland. Softability Studio specializes in developing customized Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR) and Virtual Reality (VR) solutions that enhance your business and change the way people interact with digital content.

Softability Studio

Softability Studio develops Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality applications on several platforms for mobile phones, tablets and wearable technologies like Microsoft HoloLens, smart glasses and VR headsets. We help our customers to turn augmented reality ideas to creative solutions.

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Softability Studio Team

Softability Studio team provides companies with custom made AR/MR/VR solutions. Studio team is made of experienced and creative professionals capable of pushing the limits of the latest technologies to meet the needs of our business customers. Softability Studio’s applications are a perfect blend of the team’s experience, customers’ requirements, and technological capabilities.

Contact us and we help you to find the best X-Reality Solutions for your business!

Studio Services

Softability Studio offers a range of customized services, from AR/MR/VR consulting and proof-of-concepts to test the devices and applications to full-scale companywide augmented and mixed Reality solutions that will revolutionize the existing processes and improve client’s business. We help our clients to make ideas happen!

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Our services include:

  • Customized Mixed Reality (MR) applications with Microsoft HoloLens and DAQRI
  • Customized Augmented Reality (AR) applications with several smart glasses like Vuzix and ODG
  • Virtual Reality (VR) apps using e.g. Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Gear VR
  • Mobile AR apps and mobile development on Android, iOS (Apple), UWP (Windows)
  • Unity3D development
  • UI/UX design
  • 2D/3D Graphics and animations
  • AR/MR/VR Consulting
  • X-Reality workshops
  • Motion capture with Xbox Kinect


Softability releases a SmARt Remote Support solution called VIESTI at SLUSH on 1st of Dec. VIESTI is a collaboration and video streaming solution for industry and services companies seeking new ways to connect field workers and experts anywhere in real-time.

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X-Reality for businesses

X-Reality solutions bring a new immersive dimension to customer’s needs for 3D visualization and way of working. We have designed and implemented AR/MR/VR applications for clients operating mainly in medical R&D and industrial design and manufacturing. In addition we serve customers in several other industries including design, construction, IT, services, education and entertainment.


Common use cases:

We use 3D, AR, MR and VR to build interactive and smart solutions that offer almost unlimited use cases. Here are some examples:

Research and development: visualizing 3D models
Sales and marketing: presenting products in their real size but in virtual format
Training: learning by doing, virtual or augmented reality environment
Manufacturing: supporting assembly work
Operations: operating a device through a virtual UI
Services: supporting maintenance work, remote support

Our Studio customer references:

Swedish international industrial device manufacturer: Maintenance/Remote support, Android mobile devices: Video assisted Remote Support that connects field-workers with experts at the office.

Finnish international industrial device manufacturer: Maintenance, HoloLens, Vuzix and ODG: Support maintenance of devices indoors with Hololens device and Vuzix and ODG smart glasses, textual, picture and video instructions, speech regonition, hands free.

Skanska Oyj: Sales and marketing, Hololens: supporting residential building sales, show available and sold apartments, inspect individual floors and apartments, connection to CRM systems. Read more

Patria Land: Sales and marketing, Hololens. Support for customer inspection of device and its subsystems.

Tehomet Oy: Sales and marketing, Mobile AR app for Apple mobile devices. Digital product catalogue with augmented reality. 3D visualization of street lightning products with detailed product information of light poles.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Oy: Operations, Hololens: Virtual UI for a medical device with two-way control through a Wi-Fi connection: control the device and display results. Avoiding human errors in the analysis processes.

Perkin Elmer Wallac Oy: Sales and marketing, Hololens: presenting large analysis devices to customer in their real size but in virtual format. It’s easy to take a virtual model with you to customer meetings and exhibitions.

Meyer Turku Oy: Sales and marketing, Hololens. Tallink Megastar ship exterior model. Read more

Ginolis Oy: Sales and marketing, Hololens: presenting large devices to customers and at the exhibitions.


Contact us for more information about our products and services.

X-Reality devices and technologies

Our capabilities on MR, AR and VR include mobile platforms (Android, iOS Apple, UWP) and devices like Microsoft HoloLens, DAQRI, Vuzix, ODG smart glasses as well as VR glasses.

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We are familiar with several AR/MR/VR devices and platforms:

We use Unity3D as our core platform in AR/MR/VR development.

Microsoft HoloLens and DAQRI smart glasses (Fall 2017)

Vuzix M100 & M300 and ODG R7

Google Tango and ohter smart phones/tablets using Android, iOS (Apple), UWP (Windows)

Oculus Rift, Gear VR, HTC Vive

In addition to these, we also test other devices and technologies, so please contact us and ask for more.

X-Reality Workshop

Turn your X-Reality ideas to business opportunities. Gain useful ideas to make your business more successful with Augmented, Mixed or Virtual Reality Solutions!

Contact us and book a X-Reality Workshop!

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