An experienced developer for an industrial equipment manufacturer in three weeks – read the case study

Nora Nirhamo | 2023/01/20

To us, understanding customers’ product development needs and finding a suitable expert is key. In this article, we use a customer case to illustrate how this process progressed with our customer, a major industrial equipment manufacturer. Read more!

We have long been a reliable partner in software development and quality assurance for our customers in the industrial sector. Years of collaboration have shown us the kind of skills and people that each of our customers value, and we make sure to match the right people with the right jobs. This time, one of our industrial equipment manufacturing customers was looking for an experienced developer to work on its embedded software project. Read how we worked together with the customer to quickly find a suitable expert.

Initial situation

The customer was looking for a hardware-oriented embedded systems developer for the further development of its existing product (a measurement system), particularly building multichannel support. The customer was already familiar to us and we had framework agreements in place, so the customer’s development manager emailed a request for an offer directly to our responsible seller.

In the request, the customer had already specified the length of the commission and potential for continuation, the objectives for the work model (50% remote work, 50% in-person at the office), the skills required, and bonus skills.

Process progress

Once we received the request for an offer, we quickly searched our network and found an expert with suitable technical competence who was also interested in the customer’s business in general. We offered the expert to the customer’s development manager, who wanted to get to know the specialist further by arranging a commission interview. The customer was so convinced during the interview that they made a positive decision to take on the expert just a few hours after the interview. Our expert began working with the customer just three weeks after the interview.

Once a customer makes a decision on the expert we offer, we make an employment agreement with the expert and then we make a commission agreement with the customer.

We pay particular attention to make sure that the experts we present to our customers are extremely motivated and suitable for the planned tasks. It is important to find someone who meets the customer’s wishes, but it is just as important to find a customer and project that the person finds interesting and challenging. When you tick both of these boxes, collaboration is more likely to be successful. Continuous and high-quality recruitment means that we have an ever-growing and updating network of experts.

Our experts also come from different backgrounds, so consulting may be new and unfamiliar to them. In order for the expert to feel confident when they go to the customer, Softability’s recruitment manager and the customer relations manager in sales support them in a variety of ways as they transition to consultant. When our experts trust us, this is passed on to the customer as confident and high-quality work.

Customer benefits

When a customer chooses us as their partner, they know that skilled, committed, and motivated people will be joining their project. Our customers have chosen us as a partner in 80% of competition situations that we participate in.

“Softability’s expert has got off to a flying start in our project on a new product, for which development began before the expert joined the project. Your expert seems to know what they’re doing. They are able to work independently, but they also ask if they’re stuck with something. These two skills are extremely important in software development. We haven’t been able to begin multichannel support for our solution within the intended timeframe, but otherwise Softability’s expert has helped us with product development,” the customer’s product development representative said.

Successful recruitment and finding a suitable expert for the customer can also be seen in the expert’s enthusiasm:

“It’s great to work in a group where things get done. I first noticed this with the sales team, which I saw works exceptionally well. The objective is to find new gears in the customer’s own software machinery and I believe that with Softability there are no obstacles to this.”

Could one of our experts help your company with product development?

We identify the potiential of the latest technology and focus on offering you the technological solutions that will help you to develop your operations and expand your potential.

Could there be someone suitable in our network of experts for your company? We offer help with recruitment and bear the associated risks on your behalf.

Contact us to discuss your needs further!

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