“Assisted reality is here!” – Sharp selected Softability´s XReach as its virtual work platform for enterprise customers

Nora Nirhamo | 2021/03/12

Sharp selected Softability as a remote support software supplier for its DynaEdge AR100 smart glass solution. DynaEdge AR100 is a smart glass solution to which Softability offers XReach remote support software tailored for customer needs. Read more!

Electronics giant Sharp acquired 80% of Toshiba’s PC business in 2018, after which the PC product line was renamed Dynabook. A couple of years later, Sharp redeemed the rest of the PC business for itself. The DynaEdge AR100 is Toshiba’s first fully wearable smart glass solution, consisting of a DynaEdge DE-100 computer and AR100 smart glasses.

Sharp selected Softability as a remote support software supplier for its DynaEdge AR100 smart glass solution. DynaEdge AR100 is a ready-made product package designed for business use for which Softability offers XReach remote support software tailored for customer needs for Sharp´s customers.


Assisted reality is modernity

Assisted reality and smart glass solutions make businesses more efficient. These can be utilized in a wide range of industries and use cases by improving productivity, reducing costs and accelerating the training of new employees. DynaEdge AR100 and XReach remote support solution provide customers a highly effective combination for the above-mentioned benefits.

The DynaEdge AR100 solution together with XReach enables employees to work hands-free, get the information they need at the right time, and real-time live video for a remote expert. The use of smart glasses and virtual technology to support employees can therefore be called an assisted reality. The solution allows employees to receive virtual instructions directly into their field of vision through smart glasses, and there is no need to interrupt work to read a separate manual or call an expert.

The DynaEdge AR100 and XReach are specifically designed for industrial service, maintenance, logistics and training needs. A mobile-sized, machine with the computing capacity of a powerful laptop combined with industry-standard smart glasses is a powerful package to deliver assisted reality for a variety of work situations. Combined with the XReach remote support solution provided by Softability, the solution is more customizable to meet customer needs and easily integrated into customer existing systems. With the solution, the data accumulated during the connection between the employee and the expert is also automatically stored in the cloud, making it easy to share or utilize later.

“We wanted to involve a Finnish partner with a lot of experience in AR solutions in this solution. Softability’s reputation in the industry was already convincing, but a meeting with them resolved the matter. Now the solution we offer firmly incorporates Finnish excellence and we can tailor our solution to the needs of our customers.”, says Vesa Pantsar, Account Manager, Sharp Business Systems Finland Oy.

The collaboration between Sharp and Softability ensures that customers have professional, domestic and always available support.


Read more about the XReach remote support solution!


Watch a demo video of the DynaEdge AR100 smart glass solution!


More information:

Juha Asunmaa, Business Unit Executive, Softability Oy, juha.asunmaa(at)softability.fi

Vesa Pantsar, Account Manager, Sharp Business Systems Finland Oy, vesa.pantsar(at)sharp.eu


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