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Nora Nirhamo | 2022/12/01

Softability developed a virtual laboratory for Baker Company where visitors can try out innovative workflow tools for natural cell culture. You can try out the virtual laboratory easily with your web browser. Read more!

Baker Company is an American medical device manufacturer that helps to advance science, discovery, and clinical care by developing innovative solutions that facilitate medical workflow.

Sustainable development and pioneering future science play a key role at Baker. In line with these values, and due to the prevailing pandemic, Baker wanted a new, future-oriented approach to presenting its products at events using tools based on immersive 3D graphics technology. Softability developed a virtual laboratory for Baker, The Baker Virtual Reality Lab. In this laboratory visitors can explore freely Baker´s innovative workflow tools for natural cell culture, with guidance and assistance from virtual avatar of Dr Kara Held. The application was developed with the popular Unity 3D game engine, utilizing its WebGL (Web Graphics Library) support for web browsers.

A web browser-based virtual experience is easily accessible to everyone

One of the key criteria for Baker was to minimize the logistical costs of their sales and marketing. Baker also wanted to present their brand with new, innovative methods, and share it easily to their global customer base restricted by the pandemic. Web browser was selected as a platform because it enables partners and potential customers to experience and explore Baker’s equipment easily and safely. This exploration can be done regardless of time and location without the need to install anything on the computer.

You can explore the virtual laboratory on Baker’s website, just click on the “Enter the virtual experience” button to step into the laboratory – it is that easy! The keyboard (w, a, s, d) and mouse are used to navigate the laboratory. Visitors can try out and learn about various Baker’s products and solutions which are clearly marked with green pointers. Dr. Held’s virtual avatar accompanies you 24/7 on your visit and helps you to progress through the application while presenting cell culture solutions.

Although industry professionals are the primary target group for The Baker Virtual Reality Lab, the aim is nevertheless to provide a public and interactive experience for all interested parties. The idea is to inspire and to bring together potential future scientists.

As an additional possibility, Unity 3D offers support for mobile and VR devices as well as multiple simultaneous users. In this way, Baker’s representatives and customers can meet each other in the virtual laboratory on an agreed upon schedule.
The current application has also been released for iOS tablets, which makes it easier to present the solution to customers at events; the web browser-based implementation is well suited for independent exploration. Baker can take advantage of a hybrid solution for future trade fairs: part of its medical equipment can be moved on-site and the rest would be presented virtually on a tablet and/or via web browser shared on a large screen for all visitors to see.

Experience the Baker Virtual Reality Lab on Baker’s website at https://experiencebaker.com/.

More information about the application:

Mikko Luukkonen, Solution Sales, mikko.luukkonen(at)softability.fi, +358 50 554 3652
Mikael Bowellan, Art Director, mikael.bowellan(at)softability.fi

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Business Unit Director
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