From a single Mixed Reality (MR) experience to shared experiences – Introducing Microsoft Mesh!

Nora Nirhamo | 2021/05/11

In the past, Mixed Reality (MR) experiences have been mostly possible to see by only one person at a time. Now, it is possible to share the experience among multiple users, making it more communal, thanks to Microsoft Mesh. Read more!

In the past, Mixed Reality (MR) experiences have been mostly possible to see by only one person at a time. However, MR technology has evolved and now it is possible to share the experience among multiple users, making it more communal. Microsoft Mesh offers users an immersive way to work together without a physical presence. We at Softability want to offer our customers the best possible solutions, so we started to research and test what the Mesh technology is all about.

What is Microsoft Mesh?

Microsoft Mesh is a new Microsoft Azure service launched in early 2021. Mesh is a collaborative, immersive platform that uses Azure to share these features. Microsoft Mesh can be used to develop immersive, multi-user, multi-level mixed reality applications.

Microsoft Mesh provides a location-independent, natural common experience utilizing mixed reality. Users are represented in shared space as 3D characters, either self-created or ready-made avatars provided by Mesh. Avatar conveys the user’s natural gestures such as eye contact, facial expressions as well as hand and body movement accurately and naturally to all other users. Positions and expressions are updated with a maximum delay of 100 milliseconds, regardless of the users’ physical location. This allows users to bring out their true personalities. Spatial sounds increase the feeling of a true presence, as the sounds are heard correctly according to how the users positions are relative to each other in the virtual space.

Mesh’s Spatial Maps feature allows holographic content to be shared between different devices in the same time and space. Users can also visualize and tag together all 3D content imported and shared to the shared space. With the Mesh technology, things and objects placed (anchored) in a certain place are also visible to other users in exactly the same place. Users are free to move around the objects, and view them from any angle.

How do customers benefit from Microsoft Mesh?

Microsoft Mesh benefits customers in many use cases requiring a remote solution. Device support is also extensive, so deployment may not require the purchase of new devices. Currently supported devices are: Microsoft HoloLens 2, HP Reverb G2, Oculus Quest 2, iOS & Android mobile devices and PC & Mac.

Examples of the use cases:

  • Virtual collaboration: With Mesh, teams working in different locations within the company are able to work better together. Shared experience helps to keep up wherever you go with the project, an immersive experience improves employees’ commitment to the job and increases productivity.
  • Virtual design meetings: With Mesh, design meetings are held efficiently, regardless of the location of the employees or the devices used. Teams can work on 3D models in real time and later return to where they left off last time. Designing together enhances ideation, develops creativity, and intensifies collaboration among employees.
  • Helping remotely: Employees get help easily when they need it. Experts are able to help and present the necessary material anywhere, anytime. In this way, problem solving is faster and work efficiency is improved.
  • Remote training and learning together: Learning challenging things in particular by reading alone is difficult. Mesh can facilitate learning by displaying situations holographically and involving trainees in teaching situations. With Mesh, trainees can also solve tasks together and share their experiences and challenges.
  • Hosting virtual meetings and events: With Mesh, it is possible to create an immersive and experiential virtual meeting or event. A different, inclusive and interesting meeting or event is sure to stay in the minds of the participants and is an opportunity to stand out from the competitors.


Softability is a Microsoft Mixed Reality partner that ensures that we always have the latest information and the latest MR technologies in our use. We help our customers find and implement the best solutions for their business development. We are currently implementing a solution for our customer based on Mesh technology to support training. We are happy to tell you more about this topic!

Feel free to contact us:

Tapio Pukkala, Solution Sales, tapio.pukkala(at), +358407180514

Juha Asunmaa, Business Unit Director, juha.asunmaa(at), +358405235940

Mikko Luukkonen, Solution Sales, mikko.luukkonen(at), +358505543652

More information and sources from Microsoft Mesh:


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