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High-Quality Test Data Combining Data Profiling and Generation

Kari Hakulinen | 2016/11/24

This article presents a novel idea of combining a data profiling tool with a data generator to generate large amounts of quality test data and to provide completely anonymized test data protecting sensitive customer data.


Testing is an activity that produces and consumes large amounts of data. Test data itself is a wide concept. It ranges from specific input data used by developers testing a piece of code or realistic looking data with volume and variety matching production data needed by system testers. We shall look at how to cost-efficiently inflate a test database with meaningful data by using a set of tools.

This article presents a novel idea of combining a data profiling tool with a data generator to generate large amounts of quality test data and to provide completely anonymized test data protecting sensitive customer data.

Interested in reaping the benefits of this new method and pilot it with us? Then please contact Softability Sales.

Test Methodology

Data profiling has become a standard practice in various data management processes such as data warehousing. Nowadays, there are a plethora of commercial and open-source tools from various tool makers or tool and database vendors. Profiling tools have helped data managers to become familiar with a data source and identify problems that have to be fixed.

The most basic use and benefit of data profiling is column profiling. It provides statistics and analysis on the column values in form of computed metrics or graphs. Data profiling tool can easily show the patterns and distributions of values in a particular column. Modern data profiling tools are able to do more. The can analyze the inter-column and inter-table dependencies to discover e.g. violations of functional rules set by the tool user.

Data generator tools have also moved to mainstream and now you can pick up your favorite on-line data generator like mockaroo or Or use a data mockup library available in many development environments. Modern tools can fill in the data fields with completely random values, values from a list or values according to a pattern or regular expression.

By working with both data profiling and generator tools we can quickly generate large amounts of test data based on our own specifications as follows:

  • Data profiling tool analyses the production data and provides metrics and column patterns
  • Data generator takes them as its specification and produces valid test data with variety

The idea appears to be simple yet powerful. Data profiling can provide knowledge of the real production data but does not reveal individual customer records. Data generator is able to understand patterns and rules and generate a data set closely mimicking the original production data. With the current data profiling and generators tools and with additional integration efforts their coordinated action is possible.


Your production data does not need to leave the production environment or be anonymized. The anonymizing process or the code can have shortcomings and bugs and despite best efforts reveal sensitive customer data. It is best to avoid the whole process altogether and now it is possible. This idea should resonate well with your compliance department and management.

Profiling provides an added bonus of test engineers becoming more familiar with the source data. Instead of looking at a handful or records they can build up their understanding of the whole data. If you apply your custom rules you can identify records that violate certain rules or cross certain thresholds and use that knowledge to generate good test data.

If you are interested in reaping the benefits of this new method and pilot it with us please contact Softability Sales.


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