Keuda Group takes bold future steps with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides

Nora Nirhamo | 2021/11/29

Keuda Group is taking bold initial steps with the help of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides. Softability implemented for Keuda and trained Keuda employees to create D365 Guides instructions and use them in their day-to-day teaching activities. Read more!

Softability and Keuda Group, Vocational Education and Training have been cooperating on new technologies for a long time. Keuda utilizes a variety of new technology solutions and encourages students to experiment and adopt them in a versatile and open-minded manner. The aim is to enhance the capacity of teachers and students to meet the demands of a changing world of work through digital learning pathways.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides and HoloLens 2 smart glasses enrich teaching and learning

Softability implemented two Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides instructions for Keuda, trained Keuda employees to create D365 Guides instructions for two separate use cases, and to use these in their day-to-day teaching activities. “As a concept, the implementation of the project was great, because in the future we will not be so dependent on an external actor when training our own people to understand the whole picture and create something new. As a tool, the D365 was easy to approach and perceive, as Softability brought good know-how into the process, ”says Kari Honkonen, Online Pedagogy Developer at Keuda.

The goal is for students to be able to practice assembling a computer with the HoloLens 2 smart glasses, connecting additional car lights, cleaning and assembling a car paint spray gun, and using a machining tool (HAAS VF-2). The instructions built with the D365 Guides are virtually reflected in the student’s field of vision via smart glasses, making it easier to follow the work instructions and speed up the work steps. Training Keuda employees to use the D365 Guides on their own will also allow for independent and flexible updating of instructions or the creation of completely new guides.

“The aim is to provide and enable inspiring, new, open-minded learning and preparation for future work life. It is a good idea to introduce new technologies to teaching now, as these devices are already used in work life. Implementations like we did with Softability provide a lowered threshold for the adoption of new technologies and help to understand their enriching impact on both teaching and learning. The starting point is always to serve the people, so even new technologies have to do it. AR solutions are being introduced not only because of new, great technology, but also to support the need to facilitate operations,” says Honkonen.

In addition to digital work instructions, the D365 Guides are intended to include Power BI reporting for convenient tracking of manual usage. In Keuda’s case, for example, teachers would be able to keep track of what guides have been used, how much they are used on a daily basis, and how long it takes to do the exercises – per work step. This data can again be used to improve the usability of the guides and to make teaching more efficient.

“We are living in a transition where everything that can be digitized will be digitalized. With such implementations, it is possible to acquire digital content in teaching, enrich and enhance it, and open students’ eyes to the future. Even if everything doesn’t yet work seamlessly in terms of technology, it is evolving and digitalization is coming. It is worthwhile to be involved in this development at an early stage so that the transition and process can be accelerated and teaching can be enriched now. In the future, Keuda intends to obtain a D365 Guides license for each campus, to use HoloLens 2 devices more efficiently and to increase the number of pedagogical applications that meet our needs, ” says Honkonen.

Softability and Keuda have long collaborated on new technologies. Along the way, Softability has partnered with Keuda in the procurement of HoloLens 1 and 2 smart glasses, for example, and provided expert assistance in identifying and implementing the possibilities of new technologies. Softability has been involved in e.g. Keuda´s “Technological breakthrough and possibilities for schools and companies” events.

“It was important to take this aspect forward and it was a great success. The instructions provided were excellent, the atmosphere quite great and Softability’s operation is nice and flexible. Help is always available when needed. Thank you Softability, let’s take bold steps together in the future!”


Watch a video on how to assemble a computer with D365 Guides and HoloLens 2 smart glasses!


More information:

Mikko Luukkonen, Solution Sales, Softability Oy, mikko.luukkonen(at), +358 50 554 3652

Kari Honkonen, Online Pedagogy Developer, Keuda Group, Vocational Education and Training, kari.honkonen(at)


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