D.Day for Manufacturing event 14.3.

Hololens Hanna-Kaisa Jauhola | 2017/03/12

Softability is participating in the D.Day for Manufacturing at Nokia Executive Experience Center on the 14th of March.

Softability at the D.Day for Manufacturing 14.3.

Softability is participating in the D.Day for Manufacturing at Nokia Executive Experience Center on the 14th of March. Reboot Finland D.Day offers insights where the new value creation opportunities are in manufacturing business and how the novel technologies, technology platforms and business ecosystems enable new value creation in manufacturing. The D.Day for Manufacturing focuses on three key areas: Next generation manufacturing, Design for need and Data as business.

Softability’s Mikko on stage!

Softability’s Mikko Luukkonen will bring Softability’s expertise on stage and give a pitch about how novel use of mixed, augmented or virtual reality can be used in next generation manufacturing.

Try out HoloLens or Vuzix smart glasses at our stand!

Come and meet us on our stand where you have the possibility to experience enhanced reality with Microsoft HoloLens headset, Vuzix smart glasses and mobile devices! VR demos will open up your eyes to future solutions, which can offer almost unlimited use cases.

Softability Studio has developed several augmented reality (mobile devices, smart glasses: Vuzix, ODG and Epson), mixed reality (Microsoft HoloLens) and virtual reality (Oculus Rift, Gear VR) applications for industrial and medical device manufacturers as well as construction businesses:

  • Thermo Fisher Scientific Oy  Operations, HoloLens
    Virtual user interface (UI) for a medical device with two-way control through a Wi-Fi connection: control the device and display results.
  • Perkin Elmer Wallac Oy Sales and marketing, HoloLens
    Presenting medical devices to customers in their real size but in virtual format.
  • MTech Digital Solutions Oy Sales and marketing, HoloLens
    Presenting future technologies of farming and stock raising at exhibitions.
  • Skanska Oyj Sales and marketing, HoloLens
    Supporting residential building sales, show available and sold apartments, inspect individual floors and apartments, connection to CRM systems.
  • Finnish industrial device manufacturer Maintenance, HoloLens and Vuzix
    Maintaining devices on the field, textual, picture and video instructions, speech recognition, hands free.
  • Meyer Turku Oy Sales and marketing, HoloLens
    An exterior model of Tallink Megastar ship. Showcasing the ship to customers
  • Patria LandSales and marketing, HoloLens
    Support for customer inspection of device and its subsystems.

Meet Mikko and Hanna-Kaisa on 14th of March at the D.Day for Manufacturing!

person-mikkoDate and time: 14.03.2017 8:00 to 15.45

Mikkko Luukkonen on stage at 12.15.

Location: Nokia Executive Experience Center, Espoo, Karakaari 18, Espoo
Additional information: Mikko Luukkonen, Softability Group Oy

Read more about our solutions: www.softability.fi

Read more about the event – D.Day for Manufacturing and Reboot Finland 

Tekes, CGI, Nokia, Finpro, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd and the Technology Industries of Finland organize Reboot Finland D.Day to accelerate innovations and to boost collaboration and competitiveness with enabling technologies.

The target for the day is to accelerate global ecosystem collaboration among manufacturing industry players to drive the adaptation of emerging IoT technologies and digitalization.



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