Softability donates to charity

Hanna-Kaisa Jauhola | 2018/07/31

Softability supports selected charity organizations annually with donations. As part of our social responsibility, we share 2 percent of this year’s net profits directly to charity. In addition, in July, we made a donation to Hope organization to help indigent families with children.

2% of net profits to chairty

According to Softability’s mission we want to do our part in developing a better world with the help of technology and care.
– By taking good care of our business we can also spread the good things around by helping others, says Janne Repo, CEO of Softability. As part of our corporate social responsibility actions, Softability will pay 2% of this year’s net profits to charity after the fiscal year. In addition, In July we made a donation to Hope organization to help Finnish families with children in need.

Softability has a long tradition in supporting the less fortunate and the company regularly donates to charity. Since 2002 Softability has sponsored several godchildren across the globe through Plan International. We are monthly donors for four children living in Mozambique, Bolivia, China and the Dominican Republic. Through Plan International we are able to improve the lives and futures of these children.

Donation to Hope to support children’s hobbies

Softability wants to support selected non-profit charity organizations every year in their valuable work in e.g. helping families with children in need. In May Softability organized a ”Developing a better World” day for its employees. Everyone at Softability had the opportunity to do charity by working on Ascension Day. All hours done on that day were paid directly as a donation to HOPE organization.

– Through Hope organization we are able to support Finnish families in need. We want to give children proper opportunity for hobbies or leisure activities. We hope that this donation will bring joy and help for the families supported by Hope. In addition, I firmly believe that investment especially in children and young people can really make a big difference in the long run, says Repo.

Doing good generates more good

Softability is committed to act responsibly and we want to make positive impact through our work and volunteer charity donations. Our mission and values define how we do business and interact with our colleagues, partners, customers and the society. Our core values – responsibility, respect and empathy – guide us in our work every day.

– I personally believe that doing good generates more good. Responsibility is an act and responsible activity is strongly present in Softability’s values and the way I lead Softability, says Repo.


Janne Repo, CEO, Softability Group Oyj, janne.repo(a)

Hope – Yhdessä & Yhteisesti ry is a charity association founded in 2009. It aims to give children equal opportunities for everyday life. Hope is a politically and religiously uncommitted organization that operates through 20 local actors throughout Finland. The organization donates goods and distributes clothes to disadvantaged families, whose children are in need, and gives them support for their hobbies or leisure activities.

Plan International is a development and humanitarian organization that works to advance children’s rights and equality. Plan will particularly improve the lives and the protection of girls in developing countries. Plan was founded in 1937 and it is religiously and politically unconstitutional organization that operates in more than 70 countries. In Finland the operation started in 1998. Plan is one of the largest and oldest children’s organizations in the world. The Plan is working to improve the lives of children in developing countries and work for sponsors, donors and the EU.



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