For the third year in a row, Softability has been selected as one of the best workplaces in Finland

Softability has been selected as one of the best workplaces in Finland for the third year in a row!

Nora Nirhamo | 2020/03/09

For the third year in a row, Softability has been selected as one of the best workplaces in Finland! Based on the Great Place to Work® survey, our company was ranked 27th among the midsize organizations. Thank you for the people of Softability!

For the third year in a row, Softability has been selected as one of the best workplaces in Finland! Based on the Great Place to Work® Survey our company was ranked 27th among the midsize organizations. The result was announced at the Great Place to Work gala at Messukeskus Siipi in Helsinki on 13th of February 2020.

Our employees consider Softability as a credible, respectful and welcoming workplace. Some 90% of our employees value Softability as a great place to work. It’s the wonderful, committed employees that create the atmosphere – thank you to the people of Softability!


Softability’s work culture is unique

“At Softability, we strongly believe in the old saying “the forest answers as it is called”. We know that the respectful treatment of our employees is reflected in the customer interface, where our people do a great job every day. When employees are treated well and specifically as individuals, this sense of well-being is inherently conveyed to the customer. This is evidenced not only by our outstanding staff satisfaction but also by our very exemplary customer satisfaction score (4,4 / 5).

Unlike many players in the industry, efficiency, productivity and other so-called hard values ​​are not at the center of our operations, but they are a by-product of softer values ​​like respect, cooperation and empathy. Softness does not mean weakness to us, rather it is the strength and firmness on which our values ​​lay the foundation and are needed in various situations of change.

Building and maintaining trust is a top priority for management. In its simplest form, this means consistent and predictable actions in all occasions – promises are kept. With no exceptions.

However, this is not enough for us. At Softability, trust also means that we can rely on management and employees alike to do what is right in any given situation. Employees can rely on management to steer the ship according to the values ​​and goals we have chosen. Management, for its part, can count on employees to always do their best.

Trust is always a two-way street – employees can trust management and management trusts the employees. In an organization like this, the employee can focus on the work at hand, and the management can also focus on the essentials for which it is responsible.

At Softability the management is always close and easily accessible. Anyone can reach management at any given time and get help wherever needed. Every employee can rely 100% on this.

Our modern and thin organization structure ensures that our culture is very consistent throughout the organization. In the end, everything mirrors back to our company values that are truly present in the day-to-day operations and that strengthen our company culture every single day. A strong company culture is created by doing each and every day those things we strongly believe in” – Janne Repo, Softability CEO


“Thanks again to all the people of Softability –
Together we have created a great workplace!”


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More information:

Janne Repo, Softability CEO, janne.repo(at)


More information about the Finland’s best workplaces survey:

  • Great Place to Work® has announced Finland’s best workplaces for the 18th time.
  • 150 organizations participated in the survey, which employ about 30 000 employees.
  • The participating companies were divided into three size classes according to the number of employees; small organizations: 20-49, midsize 50-499, large 500-.
  • The best workplaces in Finland increased their sales by an average of 36% per year.
  • The annual sick leave rate was 2.8% per employee.
  • The world’s largest personnel experience survey is conducted in nearly 60 countries.
  • The examined companies have more than 10 million employees. The Best Workplaces Survey is the world’s largest annual management survey.
  • 2/3 of points come directly from employee experience (Trust Index ©), 1/3 of points are from qualitative evaluation of company management practices (Culture Audit ©).


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