Softability was once again awarded with the Great Place to Work® certificate!

Nora Nirhamo | 2020/01/20

We received the Great Place to Work® certification once again this year with excellent results, and we are proud to say that Softability has been confirmed as a great place to work! A great workplace is made together, so a warm thank you to all Softability´s employees!

Softability has been awarded with the Great Place to Work® certificate three years in a row, so we can proudly state that we are among the best workplaces in Finland. A company can receive the Great Place to Work certification if its Trust Index is at least 70 percent. Softability’s Trust Index was an impressive 87 percent! The certification is valid for 12 months after the completion of the employee survey, i.e. until November 2020.


We aim to be the best possible workplace for our employees

The Great Place to Work employee survey measures, for example, credibility, trust, pride and team spirit in the workplace. Softability’s values and daily operations are largely based on these factors.

“Announcing the results of the Great Place to Work survey is definitely one of the most exciting moments of the year for me. The results are a measure of our persistent work, which we consistently strive to do here while building a profitable business that is truly based on our company’s values,” says Softability’s CEO Janne Repo.

The figures from the employee survey are pleasant reading, but comments from employees also provide valuable information for improving the work environment and operations. “It is heart-warming to see that the work we do is paying off and that we are on the right track. We are also going to continue on the same track and focus on improving our work environment in the next decade as well,” says Repo.


Comments from employees:

  • There are many things worth mentioning: 1. The management is easy to reach and responds quickly. 2. The company is well managed and the management tries to keep everyone happy. 3. Regular meetings and social events make the company feel like one big team.
  • The management always seeks a solution that pleases everyone. The company wants to retain its employees.
  • Flexible hours and work, little bureaucracy, reliable and supportive CEO with a big heart, employees are provided with training and educational resources and the best tools to carry out their work.
  • I feel the environment and staff are friendly and inviting, the CEO is approachable, compassionate and empathetic. “We trust that you do what’s right” is something that better pay or expensive phones could not make up for.
  • I feel at home at work. Our warm work community makes work meaningful. Interesting tasks and the feeling that employees are truly cared for ensure a pleasant work environment.


“A warm thank you to everyone at Softability
– it’s a privilege to work with you”

– Janne Repo, Softability CEO



For more information, please contact:

Janne Repo, CEO, Softability Oy, janne.repo(at)


Check out our previous Great Place to Work achievements:


More information on the Great Place to Work survey:

“Great Place to Work® Finland is an international research and consulting company. Great Place to Work helps organisations develop their culture and create and maintain a great workplace. The Trust Index © survey measures employees’ experience of their workplace and trust, pride and solidarity among employees. The Great Place to Work certification can be obtained by a company with a Trust Index of at least 70 percent. The difference between certified companies and the average Trust Index in Finnish companies is high, as the Trust Index of certified companies is at least 70 percent, while the average score of Finnish companies is 55 percent. The index is currently used in over 50 countries.”



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