Softability’s team spirit is strong despite the challenging times – we are again one of the best workplaces in Finland!

Nora Nirhamo | 2021/04/29

This year, we were also happy to be ranked among the best workplaces in Finland. Based on the Great Place to Work® Survey our company was ranked 18th among the midsize organizations. Thanks to our wonderful employees!

This year, we were also happy to be ranked among the best workplaces in Finland. Based on the Great Place to Work® Survey our company was ranked 18th among the midsize organizations. We climbed an amazing nine places compared to previous year! The result was announced at the Great Place to Work virtual launch event on 28th of April 2021.

Corona has not flattened our team spirit

The pandemic has plagued businesses and individuals in many ways. Joint events, gatherings and people-to-people contacts in general have been on a break for some time. These may have flattened the team spirit of the workplaces, but luckily Softability´s community still works together.

“In many ways, after a rather heavy corona year, it was very exciting to see how people have experienced working at Softability. Contacts between people are kept to minimum and often communication has only taken place through a computer screen.”, says Janne Repo, CEO of Softability.

“However, it was reassuring to see how positive the staff felt about the situation and how encouraging feedback we received from the Great Place to Work survey. This gives a huge amount of energy to keep working hard as we continue to build Softability an even better workplace.”, Repo continues.

The challenging times are not over, but expectations for the future are positive and a return to the “new normal” is already very much anticipated here at Softability. Repo is at least hopeful with this: “For the current year, expectations are that at some point we will return, at least partly, to the normal working environment before corona. However, most of the good tried and tested ways of working remotely have certainly come to stay. I still very much hope that we will have the opportunity to meet each other again face to face with various activities – of course, taking care of everyone’s safety.”

More information about the Finland’s best workplaces survey:

  • Great Place to Work® has announced Finland’s best workplaces for the 19th time.
  • 150 organizations participated in the survey, which employ about 30 000 employees.
  • The participating companies were divided into four size classes according to the number of employees; mini organizations: 10-19, small: 20-49, midsize 50-499, large 500-.
  • The world’s largest personnel experience survey is conducted in 97 countries. (in Finnish) (in Finnish)

Read about our previous GPTW achievements: (2021) (2020) (2020) (2019) (2019) (2018) (2018)

For more information:

Janne Repo, Softability CEO, janne.repo(at)


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