Softability joined Team Robotics business network

Softability mukana Team Roboticsissa Hanna-Kaisa Jauhola | 2017/06/26

Softability has joined the Robotics and AI Business Network, Team Robotics. Softability hosts the next Team Robotics -meeting on the 7th of September at Vantaa.

Softability has joined the Robotics and AI Business Network called Team Robotics, which is targeted at business decision-makers. Team Robotics helps businesses in getting new business opportunities in robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) and networking among other industry players. Team Robotics members meet and share ideas 4–5 times a year. The network consists of various industry players; from companies using robots to robotic software vendors, component manufacturers and other companies who believe that robotics will be one of the biggest world changing trends in the near future.

— Softability joined the Team Robots network because robotics is a fast-growing area where customized software is needed. Additionally, augmented reality technologies and the use of smart glasses are closely related to the development of robotics. I believe Team Robotics co-operation will bring new business opportunities for Softability Studio, says Tapio Pukkala responsible for Softability’s solution sales.

Softability hosts Team Robotics seminar on 7.9.

Softability will host the next Team Robotics meeting on the 7th of September at its premises in Vantaa. Softability’s Mikko Luukkonen will speak about Enhanced “X-Reality” solutions, and the new possibilities of smart glasses in business use. In addition to virtual and augmented reality (VR / AR) themes, the program includes artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics as well as, of course, business networking and sparring. A more detailed program is available in the end of August.

AI/Robotics/AR/VR morning seminar

The seminar is targeted at the business decision makers interested in robotics, artificial intelligence as well as IoT, VR/AR.
Time: 7.9.2017 at 9-12 am
Place: Softability Group Oy (2. kerros)
Adress: Jaakonkatu 2, 01620 Vantaa

Are you interested in participating? About 30 companies are expected to join the breakfast seminar. Contact and sign up by 15th of August at: veli-matti.heiskanen(a) or eva.brchisky(a)

Additional information:

Tapio Pukkala, Softability Group Oy, tapio.pukkala(a)

About Team Robotics:
Team Robotics is a robotics and AI business network started in spring 2017 by Veli-Matti Heiskanen and Eva Brchisky. The purpose of the network is to help its members to get more business with robotics and artificial intelligence. The Team Robotics network consist of companies using robots to robotic software vendors, component manufacturers and other companies interested in robotics and artificial intelligence. The members of Team Robotics include currently Eversheds, Omron Electronics, SalesCalls, Sales React, Softability, Telia ja Virtual Pro Team.



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