There is a need for a remote support solution in boat industry

Nora Nirhamo | 2020/06/18

The XReach remote support solution developed by Softability is suitable for maintenance, installation and training needs. According to Blue Ocean Oy, a company specialized in the sale and brokerage of sailboats and motorboats, there is a need for a remote support solution in the boat industry. Read more!

The XReach remote support solution developed by Softability is a platform tailored to customer needs, for example in customer support, service, installation and training. The remote support solution can be used especially in situations where the device to be serviced and the expert can be very far apart and downtime causes unnecessary loss of time and costs. For example, in the boat industry such situations are encountered in sales, rental and manufacturing. Blue Ocean Oy confirms that there is a need for the remote support solution in the boat industry.


Remote support is a cost-effective solution for boaters and boat builders

XReach aroused interest in Blue Ocean Oy, a company specializing in the sale and brokerage of sailboats and motorboats. Blue Ocean is a long-term multispecialist in the Finnish and international boat trade, with strong experience not only in sales but also in boat docking, installation, maintenance and logistics. Blue Ocean’s second owner, Samuli Leisti, is leading the Zer°emission -race against sea pollution project, which has reinforced his view of the need for a remote support solution like XReach.

Leisti sees clear use cases, for example in the sale and rental of boats. After a while, the new owner / user may experience problems that require expert assistance but cannot be resolved by a mere phone call. With the remote support solution, the expert can see the same as the user via a live video connection and is thus able to provide more detailed instructions in problem situations without traveling on site. Fast and cost-effective service saves time and the user gets to enjoy more boating during the short holiday season.

“XReach provides quick support in situations that may require a boat dealer or installer to visit the boat. The boat owner or renter is not always familiar with all the technical details of the boat and its equipment. With the XReach solution the boat user receives operation or repair guidance remotely without for example having to interrupt their holiday. It saves a lot of time and effort for both the boat owner and the boat seller or renter.”, says Leisti.

Use of the remote support solution is not limited to consumers, but the solution is also particularly useful for boat equipment manufacturers. If there are problems with boats, engines or electronic systems, experts and technicians can be conveniently connected in these situations with the help of a remote support solution. The solution saves time and costs for travel, makes work more efficient, and reduces resources used for training without compromising on quality.


Business benefits of XReach Remote Support Solution:

  • Significant savings in working time and travel costs
  • Faster production recovery
  • Better utilization of investments and production equipment
  • Improving productivity
  • Better customer satisfaction


Learn more about XReach!

If you have questions about remote support solution, you can contact directly:

Juha Asunmaa, Softability Oy, juha.asunmaa(at)



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