VIESTI remote support helps in repair and maintenance work

Hanna-Kaisa Jauhola | 2018/03/27

VIESTI remote support solution allows experts to advise field technicians through live video. The technician shows the problem to the expert with VIESTI mobile app, and together, via VIESTI ExpertHub and video, they can fix the problem faster and smarter.

VIESTI provides expert help for troubleshooting

VIESTI remote support solution allows experts to advise field technicians through live video. VIESTI helps troubleshoot and solve problems by connecting fieldworkers and experts in real-time with video, audio and chat, regardless of location.
– If a worker won’t succeed in troubleshooting or problem solving alone, he can send a support request via VIESTI and get help instantly from the expert, says Softability’s Sales Manager Mikko Luukkonen.

Solve problems via live-video together with an expert

The worker can use VIESTI mobile app to show the problem via live-video directly from his smart phone to the remote expert. The expert sees the exact situation through the video, and together, via VIESTI portal and video, they can fix the problem faster and smarter. In addition, the expert can annotate, mark issues or draw instructions on top of the captured video image with the annotation tool. Expert’s advice and clear visual instructions will speed up problem solving and reduce errors.

VIESTI Remote Support Solution includes ExpertHUB, an intelligent portal for experts to handle support requests. The application handles support requests to the right expert, enabling real-time video assistance and step-by-step guidance. In addition, it stores information related to each support request (like descriptions, pictures, files, links, etc.) to a worklog database for later use.

VIESTI enhances field work

Field workers and experts can work more effectively with VIESTI. It helps to save time and money, because experts can help field workers remotely without traveling to the site. The use of VIESTI improves worker’s productivity: Problems can be solved faster and expert’s assistance reduces errors and even downtime.

VIESTI is designed for industrial and service companies, whose workers operate in several locations and benefit from the remote support in their work e.g. in maintenance, field service, installation, repair, manufacturing, training or inspections. VIESTI can be used with a mobile device or smartphone in any location where a Wi-Fi, internet or satellite connection is available.

– VIESTI is a scalable and flexible solution that suits both small and large companies and it can be integrated to company’s other systems. VIESTI can also be customized and powered with Augmented Reality (AR) functionalities, says Luukkonen.

Additional information

Read more about VIESTI Remote Support Solution or contact our sales and ask for more.

Softability Group Oy, Mikko Luukkonen,  +358 50 554 3652, mikko.luukkonen(a)
Softability Group Oy, Tapio Pukkala, +358 40 718 0514, tapio.pukkala(a)



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