We support emergency work in Ukraine

Nora Nirhamo | 2023/07/03

As part of our social responsibility, we donated 2% of our last year´s profits to the emergency work of the Finnish Red Cross in Ukraine.

The war in Ukraine, which has been going on for two years now, has caused suffering and there is actually a shortage of everything. For our part, we want to make the country’s situation easier and donated 2% of our profits as well as the proceeds of the “Developing a better world” day in full to the emergency work of the Finnish Red Cross in Ukraine. On “Developing a better world” day, which has already become a tradition, everyone from Softability can participate in helping by working on Ascension Day.

“When the time comes, hopefully we will be able to participate with our small contribution in the reconstruction of the country as well. Ukraine needs our help to overcome the worst and get back on its feet,” says Janne Repo, CEO of Softability.

What does social responsibility mean to us and how is it implemented?

Softability’s core values of empathy, common sense and responsibility create a strong foundation for our business, where people are always at the center. In our daily work, our values ​​are reflected in consideration and respect for the individual. Our active role as a bearer of social responsibility fits just as naturally into our operations.

“For about 6 years now, we have allocated 2% of our profit to social responsibility work, which has often been related to the well-being of children and young people. This is how we have wanted to support those who need help in life, so that they can then give their part for the good of our society,” says Repo.

Although promoting the well-being of children and young people is very important to us, for the past couple of years we have directed our aid towards relieving the distress caused by the war in Ukraine.

“We firmly believe that the stronger should always help the weaker to become stronger whenever possible. On the other hand, the forest answers when called to it. Even a little help at a crucial moment can help create success stories, which in turn are apt to create more good things. We are sure that everyone who has received help in their life is, if the situation permits, ready to do their part to help others as well,” sums up Repo.

More information about Softability’s donations and social responsibility:

Janne Repo, Softability CEO, janne.repo(at)softability.fi

More information about Finnish Red Cross emergency work in Ukraine:

In addition to financial aid, the Finnish Red Cross has sent accommodation and medical supplies to Ukraine as well as an entire health clinic.

The aid workers are, among other things, professionals in logistics, healthcare, psychosocial support, communication and organizational development, as well as experts who assess the changing humanitarian situation and the need for aid.

The disaster preparedness unit focused on logistics organizes the transportation, storage and distribution of the material aid of the International Red Cross to Ukraine.

Donations also help people arriving in Finland to start anew. We offer them clothes, hygiene items, drinks, food and other basic needs as needed. In addition, donations have been used to organize emotional support.




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