“This is more than a job: Everything we do reflects the mutual caring and friendship of colleagues.”

Jan Tillander, Senior Software Architect

Happiness from work – happy to work

We invite you to join our happy and energetic crew. Come add to our story – just as you are!

Developing digital solutions that are challenging, meaningful and genuinely valuable is our forte. We provide opportunities for creating and learning in R&D projects that affect people’s lives all over the world. You could be part of developing software for cancer diagnostics, X-ray equipment, human mobility optimization, weather radars and more.

We are constantly looking for new team members

If you are interested in meaningful work and a tight-knit community at a growing company, send us your CV with a short introduction. We look forward to talking with you and getting to know you better!

If no open position matches your skill set, send us an open application and a brief explanation of why you would like to join our community.

Employee benefits

Optimal tools

Choose any tools you like for your work.

Worry-free life

Comprehensive accident and medical expense insurance, also valid for leisure time. Our company healthcare contract also includes coaching for well-being in different vital areas of life and dental care.

Comfortable environment

Our office features a massage chair and table tennis for entertainment, as well as a quiet and relaxing gym and sauna.

Shared activities

The company offers padel, tennis and badminton sessions. We also sponsor clubs and organize monthly events for all employees.

Bicycle benefit

With the bicycle benefit, you get a high-quality electrically assisted or not bicycle at a reasonable price. This way we want to support movement and greener forms of transportation.

“The usuals”

Company phone and various vouchers (luncheon, sports and culture).

What are our values and what do you get from us?


We trust each other and believe that everyone knows the best way for them to learn and develop at their job. We approach all our employees as individuals and respect everyone’s career goals.

Low hierarchy

Our CEO Janne is your immediate supervisor – there is no bureaucracy. Everyone has the opportunity to influence things and have their voice heard. All you need is act!

Community and cooperation

We have a good time on and off the clock. We enjoy monthly activities chosen by our employees, Summer & Christmas parties and we also support smaller club activities.

Valuable work

We work on customer accounts where your work has a direct impact on, for example, people’s health, well-being and safety. Your enjoyment and development at work are necessary for us to thrive.

Watch the video to see what our people has to say about Softability as a workplace!

Quick and easy process


Firstly, you´ll have a relaxed and casual conversation with Tommi to get to know each other better.

Talking – developer to developer

If our expectations and wishes match, we will be happy to continue the conversation! You will meet our empathic CEO Janne, who is fluent in dev thanks to his own developer background.

Getting to know customers

If your interests line up with what we do, the last step is an introduction and interview with a potential customer. We offer the best possible help and support so you can nail the project you want.

What we do?

We design, implement and test smart applications for industrial and medical device manufacturers. Our competent consultants can produce embedded software to work closely with devices as well as cloud services. We are a software company with a big heart and a wide range of skills.

In addition, our XR Studio business unit develops augmented (AR), mixed (MR) and virtual reality (VR) solutions for mobile devices and wearables, including different smart glasses. Our XReach solution in turn enables modern remote support with video assistance.

See how our people describe consulting work at Softability!

Our values

Empathy, common sense and responsibility. Our values are strongly present in everything we do. They guide the way we work, interact with our colleagues and customers, giving direction to sustainable business.

We want to be the most warm-hearted and wanted workplace, where the well-being of the employees is the priority. Always.

Our people are our most valuable asset and therefore it is very important that our people feel that they are valued and have the opportunity to develop themselves and their professional skills.

See how values ​​and management culture are reflected in our work as told by our CEO (in Finnish).

At your service!

Do you want to exchange ideas about career opportunities at Softability? Or is now not the right time to make changes, but you still think our opportunities sound interesting?

I’d be happy to discuss your situation and hear more about your career goals!

Tommi Vertanen

Head of Talent & Culture
+358 40 670 0061

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