Softability provides ABB with skilled consultants and flexibility for product development projects

Nora Nirhamo | 2023/03/29

ABB and Softability have collaborated for almost twenty years. Softability’s consultants have worked on ABB’s product development projects in many roles. Read more!

Electrification and automation technology leader ABB and Softability have collaborated for almost twenty years. Softability’s consultants have worked on ABB’s product development projects as software developers, scrum masters, and test automation developers.

The long-term collaboration is an excellent springboard for the corporate customer and the consulting agency, say ABB´s Drive Products division Engineering Manager, Helsinki Tools team supervisor Mikko Nevalainen and Tapio Pukkala from Softability’s Solution Sales.

“We have several Softability consultants. Almost all of them work on a project in which we’re making a next-generation tool that will replace old technology with modern technology,” explains Nevalainen.

Due to the long collaboration, it is easy to obtain new consultants through Softability.

“When there’s years of collaboration behind us and I call Tapio to explain our needs, I don’t need to explain background, context, or our projects again. Tapio is always largely up to speed with our needs.”

A skilled workforce is the foundation of collaboration

Collaboration between Softability and ABB was already in place before Nevalainen began to work at ABB.

“Collaboration goes back a long way, and everything was ready and in place when I arrived. Collaboration has worked well, agreements have been continued, and the number of consultants has grown in recent years.”

Nevalainen believes that skilled workers are one of the most crucial factors in successful collaboration in the consulting world.

“A skilled workforce is the most important thing. Using consultants doesn’t just bring flexibility; they also bring their valuable expertise and experience with them.”

Softability has special expertise with Microsoft technologies, which ABB’s Nevalainen has noted.

“Softability’s consultants know Microsoft technologies and Windows inside-out, perhaps better than other agencies might. We also use Windows tools, and even though we aim towards cross-platform solutions, the majority of our customers use and will continue to use Windows software on their laptops or desktops.”

The technically skilled consultants who have worked at ABB for a long time also know the history behind ABB’s products and keep valuable know-how in-house.

“Softability’s consultants who have worked with us for years are our most-experienced experts as users of the tools. For example, the most experienced test automation worker on ABB’s Tools team is currently a Softability consultant.”

Softability finds expertise to meet demand

The use of consultants provides ABB with flexibility. It is easier to find workers through consultation in comparison to managing the entire recruitment process in-house. This also provides relief from scheduling pressures.

Nevalainen praises Softability for its consultants’ high-quality work. Softability has successfully found sufficient talent and new workers.

“I would also say transparency is a key factor. When we are looking for a new consultant, it’s important that we have a mutual understanding with Softability about our needs concerning the consultant’s expertise.

“Softability is excellent at finding new workers on the markets. If we need something, Softability has often succeeded in finding a suitable consultant from their own network.”

Collaboration has worked well, and any problems that came up were solved smoothly and in good spirits.

“Sometimes you hit a snag, and even though everything went well and you thought a new worker was going to start at the company, but then it turns out that they don’t. Sometimes it feels like a waste of time – and sometimes it is when you’re looking for a new consultant. But collaboration is fruitful and I sometimes call Softability directly to talk about my needs.”

Aiming at long-term collaboration

Both parties are satisfied with the long-term collaboration.

“You don’t get to grips with this job in just one or two weeks; there’s a learning threshold. That’s why we invest in long-term consultation relationships. The majority of Softability’s consultants have been with us for years, and hopefully they will continue with us for years.”

To end, let’s take a look at the future. Where are we going?

“We’re currently focusing on developing a new tool, and subsequently we will be using more web technologies, JavaScript, C# programming languages,” says Nevalainen.

ABB is a global leader in electrification and automation technology and has operated for over 130 years. ABB’s solutions combine design expertise with software that optimises product manufacturing, motion control, use, and operation. ABB employs around 105,000 professionals promoting industrial change.

Would you like to strengthen your team with Softability’s consultants? Get in touch to find out more!


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